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Full Moon in Capricorn: The Strawberry Moon

Welcome, moon lovers! Get ready to embrace the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st, 2024, at 6:08 pm PT. This celestial event promises to be a time of grounding, discipline, and significant achievement. Let's dive into what this means for you and how you can harness its energy through rituals, crystals, and reflective practices.

Astrological Significance

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a time when the moon is directly opposite the sun, illuminating the qualities of Capricorn. Known for its practicality, ambition, and determination, Capricorn's influence brings a focused energy perfect for setting and achieving goals. The exact degree, 1°06, adds a layer of precision and new beginnings to this lunar phase.

Energy and Themes of the Capricorn Full Moon

Under the Capricorn Full Moon, expect themes of practicality and discipline to come to the forefront. This is a time to evaluate your achievements, set realistic goals, and establish emotional stability. The grounding energy of Capricorn encourages you to take tangible steps toward your aspirations, ensuring that your dreams are built on a solid foundation.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the Full Moon in Capricorn is about grounding and stability. It's a time to transform and renew, shedding old patterns and embracing new, more structured ways of being. This moon phase supports deep introspection, allowing you to align your actions with your true purpose.

Rituals for the Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moon Cleansing Ritual
Begin by cleansing your space with sage or Palo Santo to remove any negative energy. This sets the stage for a powerful and clear ritual.

Grounding Meditation
Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Visualize roots extending from your body into the earth, anchoring you firmly. Breathe deeply, feeling the stability and support of the ground beneath you.

Manifestation Ritual
Write down your goals and intentions on a piece of paper. Focus on realistic and achievable outcomes. Light a candle and read your intentions aloud, then safely burn the paper, releasing your desires to the universe.

Crystals to Use

Red Jasper
Known for its grounding properties, Red Jasper enhances emotional stability and confidence.

Smoky Quartz
This crystal dispels negativity and promotes a clear mind, perfect for Capricorn's disciplined energy.

Garnet inspires passion and devotion, helping you stay committed to your goals.

Ritual Tools and Supplies

To enhance your Full Moon rituals, gather the following supplies:

How to Prepare for the Full Moon Ritual

Setting Intentions
Take time to reflect on what you wish to achieve. Be specific and realistic about your goals.

Creating a Sacred Space
Choose a quiet area free from distractions. Decorate it with items that inspire and ground you, such as crystals, candles, and sacred symbols.

Step-by-Step Ritual Guide

Cleansing Your Space
Light sage or Palo Santo and move it around your space, focusing on corners and areas where energy tends to stagnate.

Grounding Meditation
Visualize yourself connected to the earth, drawing in its stability and strength.

Setting Intentions
Write down your goals and intentions. Speak them aloud, infusing them with your energy and determination.

Crystal Activation
Hold your chosen crystals and visualize them glowing with light. Place them around your space to amplify the energy of your ritual.

Journal Prompts for Reflection

Use these prompts to gain deeper insights during the Full Moon:

  • What achievements am I proud of?
  • What goals do I need to focus on?
  • How can I foster emotional stability and growth?

Harnessing the Energy Post-Ritual

Integrating Insights
Reflect on the insights gained during your ritual. How can you integrate them into your daily life?

Taking Action
Create a plan of action based on your intentions. Take small, consistent steps toward your goals.

Additional Tips for Full Moon Practices

Staying Hydrated
Drink plenty of water to help your body process the intense energy of the Full Moon.

Rest and Reflection
Allow time for rest and reflection. The Full Moon can be a powerful time for personal growth, so be gentle with yourself.

Are You Ready?

Embrace the energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn to ground yourself, set realistic goals, and achieve your dreams. This powerful lunar phase offers the perfect opportunity to align your actions with your highest intentions. Remember to use the provided rituals, crystals, and journal prompts to make the most of this transformative time.

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

What makes the Full Moon in Capricorn special?
The Full Moon in Capricorn brings a grounding, practical energy that helps you set and achieve realistic goals.

How can I best use this Full Moon energy?
Engage in grounding rituals, set clear intentions, and use crystals to enhance your focus and stability.

What should I avoid during the Full Moon?
Avoid unrealistic goals and impulsive decisions. Focus on practical steps and disciplined action.

How often should I do these rituals?
Perform these rituals during each Full Moon to align with the lunar energy and support your personal growth.

Can I use other crystals for the Full Moon ritual?
Absolutely! Crystals like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline can also be powerful allies during Full Moon rituals.

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn, Friends. 🫶

Blessed Be!

Laurie ✨


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