Honoring Imbolc's Renewal

Honoring Imbolc's Renewal

On February 1st we celebrate Imbolc, the beginning of spring marked by lactating ewes and early preparations for the planting season ahead. This ancient Celtic holiday honors the goddess Brigid and the return of longer, lighter days. It is a quiet yet hopeful occasion to nurture dreams before they manifest.

The occasion has gone by many names over the eras. Imbolc comes from the old Irish “oimelc”, meaning ewe’s milk. The life-giving nourishment of mothers nurturing babies reflects this transitional bridge from cold nights toward warmer, fertile days.

As you reflect this Imbolc, consider:

  • Lighting candles while setting heartfelt intentions to carry you through spring
  • Clearing out closets and corners to cleanse what no longer serves you
  • Planting literal or metaphorical seeds to grow your boldest visions

Three crystals that can support your Imbolc journey:

  • Amethyst, for spiritual connection and intuition
  • Rose Quartz, for unconditional self-love
  • Citrine, for creativity and personal power

Three herbs that align with Imbolc’s magic:

  • Lavender, to soothe and balance
  • Thyme, for strength and courage
  • Basil, to bless new ventures

Imbolc Tarot Spread

  1. What needs cleansing in your life?
  2. What seeds do you want to sow?
  3. How can you honor the returning light?

Most importantly, listen: What is your inner voice whispering? The stillness of Imbolc brings gentle messages about what you most need. May you give yourself permission to honor your soul’s guidance. You always have support in our community should you need it.

Brighter days dawn, dear ones. Trust the light returning, both without and within.

Blessed Be,


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