How To Thrive As An Empath

How To Thrive As An Empath

What Is an Empath? Empaths are highly sensitive people who really feel the environment around them. They pick up all emotions, sensations, and energy imprints from people, places, and objects.
We are seeing more and more people coming into my centers, The Mystical Moon, feeling overwhelmed and as if they are spiraling because they are feeling other people's energy. It's too much for them to handle. Empaths are not just psychics or healers.
Often empaths only realize they are absorbing their surroundings once it is too late. They have already taken on other people's unhealthy emotions, possibly other people's habits, and belief systems and perspectives.
How can an empath survive and thrive if they feel and absorb their surroundings? Individuals who are super-sensitive to their environment can learn how to create healthier, energetic boundaries and begin to recognize when they are absorbing their environment. Being sensitive doesn't have to paralyze you or prevent you from thriving.

How do you know if you are an empath? Here are some easy-to-recognize signs of being an empath:

  • Uneasiness ~ You suddenly have a nauseous feeling after you meet someone or even walk into an unfamiliar space.
  • You Have Solar Plexus Issues ~ Sensitive digestion system, stomach aches, that sinking feeling in your stomach, feeling disempowered.
  • Take On Your Environment ~ the moods of others have an influence on you
  • Lost Boundaries of Self ~ You are confused about your emotions and don't know where you end and others begin.
  • Dumping Vessel ~ People often "dump" on you for no reason and often seek you to do so ~ people you know and even strangers are doing this.
  • Crowd Anxiety ~ You are often overwhelmed in large crowds causing you to withdraw socially.
  • Depression ~ Sometimes, you are depressed for no reason.
  • Sluggishness ~ Everyday activities take extra energy and extra long to accomplish.
  • Restlessness ~ Even though you are tired, you may have difficulty falling and staying asleep. The anxiety is probably due to being overly tired. This undoubtedly is an unhealthy cycle, wouldn't you agree?
  • Lack Motivation ~ You struggle to get projects started and forget about even completing them.
  • Overly Emotional ~ Everything seems to set you into an instant emotional spiral going from happy, to sad, to angry and frustrated. You may even find yourself as being unusually sensitive.
  • Struggling To Complete Thoughts ~ Your mind races from subject to subject, and you can't make up your mind about anything going back and forth and back and forth.
  • Low Immune System ~ You are always sick with the flu, colds, IBS, headaches, etc., and struggle to stay healthy.
  • Short Temper/Zero Patience ~ Feeling like everyone else is going in slow motion, and Everything is taking forever, leaving you stagnant and stuck. You may be taking out your frustrations on others.
  • Defensive ~ Taking Everything personally and being defensive is a sign of exhaustion because you are already frustrated with a lack of energy and may not have the mental clarity to rationalize what other people's intentions truly are.
  • If this sounds familiar to you, chances are you are a person with strong empathic abilities. You can most certainly use your gift to indicate when your environment, or a person, or even a specific location is not the right place for you. Often empaths do not know they are absorbing another's feelings and pain until after the fact.

Being an empath is a true gift. You can use this sense for your highest and best good. 


  • Your first impression is usually spot on
  • You can experience emotions at a deeper level/a blessing and a challenge
  • Able to sense if a person, place, or thing is healthy for you or not and have no problem getting the heck out of Dodge if necessary
  • Can receive psychic information with psychometry
  • Very good at finding lost objects
  • Empaths are caring and loving individuals who can comfort others and can do so without giving away your energy
  • Excellent at reading non-verbal communication
  • Have strong natural psychic and healing abilities
  • Being sensitive to your emotions, when you're happy, you're really happy
  • Often reaching out to someone in need just because you can feel they need you
  • You can feel when something awesome is about to happen

Here are some suggestions to help you manage the gifts that will also help empower you:

  •  Crystals ~ Wearing deflecting crystals such as jet, black tourmaline, hematite, and tiger's eye on your right side will help create a shield around you. By wearing or carrying these crystals, they will project their energy outward. Working with rounding crystals and crystals that help to protect the solar plexus can also be useful: tiger's eye, yellow obsidian, citrine, and yellow calcite will bring in that energizing energy of the sun and will strengthen your solar plexus creating a shield of protection for you.
  • Salt Baths~ Take baths with sea salt, Himalayan salt, and Epsom salt are excellent auric field strengtheners. Add rosemary, lavender herbs, or oils to enhance your bathing experience.
  • Shield Your Solar Plexus ~ Cover your solar plexus with your hands, arms, or any object like a nearby book. You may even use visualization to help you do so due to circumstances.
  • Sage/Space Clear ~ Sage yourself and your space often and or as is needed.
  • Psychometry ~ Try only to pick up or handle objects with your right hand when holding or touching an object that you are not familiar with. The left side receives, right sends out energy.
  • Phone Usage ~ Hold your phone to your right ear. If you listen with your left side, you may pick up the person's feelings on the other line.
  • Boundaries ~ Begin to establish healthy boundaries with others by saying "no," "I don't have the time," or "I am unable to help you at this time.", instead of giving in when you really need to establish boundaries.
  • Activate Your Spiritual Protection - Call upon your guides, angels, the non-physical helpers. Ask them to protect you, energetically.
  • Cord Cutting ~ Be sure to cut those emotional cords often. You can use visualization, Archangel Michael, to schedule a session with a practitioner or cord-cutting products. 
  • Recharge Your Batteries with Energy Work ~ Schedule healing treatments such as Reiki, massages, or any proactive healing treatment that will help you move some energy and seal up your auric field.
  • Know Your Limits ~ When you feel compromised, do not perform any energy, healing, or psychic work. You are likelier to let your guard down and walk away with someone else's stuff. Know your limits of how much you can handle on your plate and get real honest with yourself. Learn how to say no to yourself and others without feeling guilty or explaining yourself to others. 
  • Auric Field ~ Before leaving your home, pull your aura closer to the body. You most certainly do not need to go out into the world wide open.
  • Shielding On-Command ~ Using command phrases such as Shields Up! or I invoke a bubble of pink and gold protection around me today. 
  • Mirrors ~ Visualizing mirrors being placed around your aura facing outwards will help you deflect unwanted sensations.
  • Self Awareness ~ Check in with your thoughts and emotions occasionally to see if you are showing and or experiencing any of the above symptoms. 
  • Color Therapy/Wear Yellow ~ Yellow is the color of the sun that brings in happy feelings of joy and innocence and reenergizes us simply by wearing and or surrounding ourselves with the color yellow. 
  • Listen to Your Favorite Music ~ Music soothes our soul but can instantly shift our mood. If you need a little pick me up, turn on the tunes that get your energy moving and grooving. 
  • Pause To Breathe Consciously ~ Breathwork brings oxygen into the system and helps refresh your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Soak Up The Sun ~ If you close your eyes, open your arms, turn your face towards the sun, and take a deep breath, you'll instantly receive a boost of energy.
  • Aromatherapy ~ Wearing, diffusing, and or inhaling oils such as; lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, orange, grapefruit, and lavender will jumpstart your motivation.
  • Solar Plexus Work ~ Leaking energy from your solar plexus is a common reason you may be tired. There are many reasons why your solar plexus is leaking energy, such as; emotional cording to others, little or no willpower, and low self-esteem are a few reasons as to why the solar plexus is compromised. Balancing this chakra through energy healing, Reiki, toning, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy can help you reclaim your energy and stamina.
  • Ring of Fire or Working with Copper ~ Copper is an instant auric field, cord-cutting, and reenergizing tool.

Being sensitive to your environment is a powerful gift that we can confidently embrace and learn how to navigate without absorbing out atmosphere.

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