Protecting Your Energy and Why It's So Important

Protecting Your Energy and Why It's So Important

Protecting your energy is vital for both your physical and mental health. When your energy feels depleted, it can have negative ripple effects across all areas of your life. Maintaining strong energetic boundaries allows you to operate at your highest potential.

There are many side effects of not keeping your energy clear. These can include fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritability, anxiety, depression, compromised immune system, digestive issues, and even accelerated aging. When you don't cleanse dense or negative energies from your personal space, they can weigh you down both consciously and unconsciously. Your vibration lowers and it becomes harder to manifest goals or experience joy.

Lingering stressful emotions also tax our energy reserves. Anger, resentment, grief, fear, and guilt can embed in our muscles and organs, eventually leading to disease. Making the effort to process and release these lower vibrations keeps your spirit light. Furthermore, exposing yourself to artificial energies like wifi, screens, and even hyper upbeat music can fray your energetic nerves over time - leaving you prone to sensory overload.

There are many small ways you can maintain clean and positive energy on a daily basis. Simple practices like smudging, meditating, singing, spending time in nature, taking baths, napping, and burning candles can purify your personal energy field. You can also pay attention to any relationships, commitments, or environments that make you feel drained - then limit your time exposed to them. Setting the intention to clear stagnant energy and bring in light will shift your frequency over time. A decluttered, minimalist home can allow for freer energetic flow.

Here are some of go-tos when I find my energy is off:

  • Smudging by burning or spraying 
  • Reiki self Reiki or any energy session
  • Using crystals such as; black tourmaline, tiger's eye, hematite, black obsidian, and or selenite 
  • Intentional candles
  • Using sound to clear
  • Florida Water
  • Cord cutting
  • Laying low
  • Jewelry such as evil eye or symbol
  • Salt bath
  • Spend time in nature
  • Meditation
  • Call in protection guides

Establishing energetic boundaries is key. Visualize a protective sphere of white light around your body to keep out lower vibrations. Learn to say no when you feel tapped out. Release heavy emotions through journaling. Nourish yourself with whole foods and ample rest. When you make self-care and stress management a priority, you give your spirit space to soar. Mindfully building your energy reserves allows you to move through life with greater ease, inspiration, and joyful purpose.

Protecting your energy requires ongoing maintenance - much like taking care of your physical body with healthy habits. But the effort pays off exponentially in increased bliss, better relationships, and the ability to turn dreams into reality. Make time each day to clear clutter, set boundaries, process emotions, tap into creativity, and renew through nature. Your energy is your greatest asset. When you keep your inner light turned up high, you can manifest miracles.

Here's to good energy!

Blessed Be,



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