Sinking into the Scorpio New Moon - My Journey into the Shadow

Sinking into the Scorpio New Moon - My Journey into the Shadow

The moon is new again, and this time she rises in the intricate waters of Scorpio - the sign of shadows, secrets, and the psyche.

As a lifelong spiritual seeker, I've learned to sync my rhythms with the moon’s phases. And when la luna begins her dance in Scorpio, it's always an invitation for me to dive deeper into my own inner terrain.

This Scorpio moon in particular beckons me inward to face some vulnerabilities I’ve been avoiding. Fear and old hurts have kept parts of myself locked away in the shadows. But with the moon’s intuitive light illuminating the darker corners of my soul, I’m feeling called to bravely explore the emotions simmering below the surface.

As I journal and reflect during this lunar cycle, memories and dreams are arising that need to be healed. Like the time when I felt so betrayed by a friend. And the intense loneliness that permeated my childhood when we moved every few years. I’m realizing I’ve been carrying these buried hurts for far too long.

This new moon is helping me finally begin to process old pain and have compassion for the scared, lonely parts of me that just needed more love back then. With the veils thinner under Scorpio’s watch, I even sense old soul contracts and karmic bonds unraveling. Healing is happening.

Harness this lunar energy by working with spiritually aligning crystals like obsidian for protection, black tourmaline for cleansing, and labradorite to access the unconscious. Herbs like mugwort for prophetic dreaming and chamomile for emotional calm are Scorpio season all-stars.

In the spirit of shadow work, try writing down an intention on paper, adding a dried chamomile blossom, then burning it by candlelight to manifest healing. Soul contracts and karmic bonds often unveil themselves during Scorpio moons, so be open to messages from beyond the veil. Past life regression could also offer insights now.

Here are some journal prompt ideas for the new moon in Scorpio:

  • What deeply buried emotions are starting to surface for you? How can you explore them in a healthy way?
  • What parts of yourself or your life are going through a transformation now? How can you surrender and allow this process to unfold?
  • How can you embrace the mystery and unknown in your life at this time? What intuition is arising that you need to trust?
  • What obsessions, jealousy, or triggers are coming up for you now? How can you work through these shadow emotions/patterns?
  • What would it look like to embrace and integrate your darkness during this new moon? How can you find empowerment through vulnerability?
  • What secrets are wanting to be unearthed at this time? Are you feeling called to uncover any truths?
  • What sexual/sensual desires are arising? How can you explore passion and intimacy in healthy ways?
  • What needs to die or be released in your life now? How can you allow space for the old to fall away?
  • How can you dig deeper emotionally and spiritually during this new moon? What wisdom may arise through going within?
  • What resentments or grudges are you holding? How can you practice forgiveness and move forward?

Rituals like meditative bathing, energy clearing, and burning away old regrets by candlelight all seem so aligned. I’m eager to lean into the mysteries this moon phase holds. Communion with the spirit realm, past life regression, tantric soul is fluttering with anticipation about where this transformational journey may lead.

While the process can feel heavy at times, I trust everything rising to the surface now needs to be illuminated in order to be healed. I know once I fully embrace and make peace with my darkness, a renewed sense of personal power will be waiting for me on the other side.

For now, I welcome the deep emotional cleansing this Scorpio moon brings. The opportunity to shed old trauma, emerge my true desires, and ignite my inner phoenix is worth sinking fully into the shadows. This is deep spiritual work I’m grateful to engage with.

My soul is ready. How about you? What needs to be brought into the light this Scorpio season? Let the mysteries be revealed so true transformation can unfold!

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

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