Connecting with Archangel Michael: From Altars to Emotional Healing

Connecting with Archangel Michael: From Altars to Emotional Healing


Ever wish you had a personal guardian angel, especially during turbulent times? Look no further than Archangel Michael, a celestial beacon of courage, justice, and protection. Today, I'm going to guide you on deepening your bond with him through history, symbolism, and practical spiritual tools like crystals, herbs, oils, and even a dedicated altar. Plus, we’ll talk about a simple but enlightening 3-card tarot spread and discover how Michael can gift you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Who Is Archangel Michael?

Far beyond being a figure in religious narratives, Archangel Michael is an enduring symbol of bravery, protection, and integrity. Often visualized wielding a sword, he symbolizes the power to cut through all that doesn't serve us, whether it's fear, regret, or emotional cords from the past.

The Symbols That Speak Volumes

The imagery associated with Archangel Michael—his sword, his scales—are not just decorative touches. They carry deep meaning, teaching us about justice and balance, mirroring the high ideals that Michael represents.

Setting Up An Archangel Michael Altar

One potent way to invite Michael’s protective energy into your home, office, or any personal space is by setting up a dedicated altar. This can be a small corner where you place items that resonate with him—crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline, or even herbs and oils like lime and black pepper. This sacred space can serve as a beacon for Michael’s protective energies.

Archangel Michael and Emotional Freedom

This celestial protector doesn't just defend; he liberates. Archangel Michael helps us to sever the emotional cords that limit our growth. These invisible tethers to past relationships, disappointments, or fears can be "cut" through prayer, affirmation, or intention, leaving us free to pursue healthier emotional landscapes.

The Perfect Crystals for Connection

Let's delve into the crystal realm. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes wisdom and truth, attributes closely aligned with Michael’s essence. Clear Quartz, often known as the “master healer,” amplifies your intention to connect with this powerful archangel. Black Tourmaline, a grounding stone, offers a layer of protection similar to the way Michael does.

Lime and Black Pepper: Herbs and Oils 

Enhance your connection with Archangel Michael using the energetic frequencies of lime and black pepper oils. Lime clears away negativity, and the invigorating aroma of black pepper imbues your space with courage—qualities that encapsulate Michael's spirit.

A Restful Night's Sleep with Archangel Michael

Feeling restless or burdened by the stresses of the day? Invoking Archangel Michael before bedtime can help cut the emotional cords tied to your day, allowing you to drift into a peaceful, unencumbered sleep.

Archangel Michael Prayer

I invoke Archangel Michael with the 5th dimensional tube of Light. 

Michael, please place this tube of light around me in this lifetime and in all lifetimes,

all planetary systems and all source systems, all alternate realities and all parallel realities, all alternate universes, and all parallel universes, as well as all source systems, in this time and in all times. 

Michael use your sword of light to clear me of all foreign energies, all thought forms, and beings, and when I am clear, escort these energies into the tube of light and return them to the fifth dimension to be transmuted to another form of light. 

Close up my aura to the influences of all beings except of my higher self, the God consciousness, my guides and guardians.

So be it, and so it is.

Your 3-Card Tarot Spread with Archangel Michael

Ready for some spiritual insight? Try a 3-card tarot spread focusing on Michael's empowering energy:

  1. Card 1: What area of my life needs protection or clarity?
  2. Card 2: What should I sever ties with for emotional well-being?
  3. Card 3: What qualities can I cultivate to align more closely with Archangel Michael?

Draw your cards after a mindful shuffle and interpret them through your own intuitive lens.

Whether it’s the protection of a dedicated altar, the emotional liberation from cutting ties, or the heavenly gift of a peaceful sleep, Archangel Michael is a spiritual force that can truly enrich our lives. Keep a piece of Lapis Lazuli or a bottle of lime oil handy—you're never far from his reassuring presence.

Sending you love, protection, and celestial blessings.


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