If you’ve been experiencing restless nights or many bad dreams, this is a quick way to use your magic and reset the energy!

Items We Used:

Mesh Bag – white for purity and calm vibes

Dalmatian Jasper – promotes good dreams

Selenite – will cleanse your aura from any negative energy you might have picked up along your day

Lavender – encourages peaceful rest

Jasmine – ruled by the moon! Will lull you to sleep and bring you good dreams.

Add the items to your mesh bag and hold it while you visualize your intention – what it feels like to fall asleep easily, stay asleep peacefully and wake up well rested and content.  Tie it extra tight (so nothing falls out!), and pop it into your pillowcase.  Make sure to use caution if you have curious pets!

Sweet dreams, friends!

Written by Bre Kohlhauff


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Lavender 3×4 Bag

Jasmine 3×4 Bag

Dalmatian Jasper Tumbled Crystal

Selenite Tumbled Crystal