Jezebel 3×4 Bag

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  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Heals digestion issues


Jezebel is actually a root that is used to attract love into your life and is very widely used by business owners to attract wealthy clients. It also vibrates to the frequency of Archangel Ariel, the Archangel of wealth and abundance.

Many people burn this root as an incense and or hang in the doorway of their businesses to attract customers.

You may also carry Jezebel wit you in your pocket, in a mojo bag, and or place it under your pillow to attract a wealthy mate.

Some people ingest this root to help with digestion issues.

Element: Earth

Gender: Feminine

*Should not be consumed by pregnant women*

3×4 ziplock bag

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Weight 1.0 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 in


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