How to Find Your Money Corner

How to Find Your Money Corner

An easy way to add some oomph to your money manifestations is to find and utilize your money corner.

A money corner is a Feng Shui term used to describe where the wealth energy is held within your space.  To find your money corner, stand in the doorway of your home or any specific room (if you are sharing a space or office!), face the inside, and find the farthest left corner.  That's your money corner!

To attract abundance and wealth, try these tips:

  • Keep the space clean and make sure to remove or fix any broken items 
  • Decorate using the colors green and purple.  Green is traditional to symbolize money and abundance and purple is used in Feng Shui to symbolize wealth
  • Collect Amethyst, Jade and Citrine crystals
  • Incorporate all of the elements within the space: a plant for Earth, incense or a diffuser for Air, a candle for fire, a fountain for water.
  • Spray our Moonstone Priestess Money Spray to refresh your space and call in abundantly flowing money energy!

Try establishing your money corner and let your money manifestations work overtime! 

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Written by Bre Kohlhauff

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