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Money Spray

Money Spray

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Smell your way to financial success with Money Spray! Our money aromatherapy spray uses carefully blended scents to give you the emotional boost you need to take control of your financial future. Let the sweet smell of success wash over you, and take the first step to achieving all your financial goals. What are you waiting for? Start feeling the power of Money Spray today!

Instant and consistent money flow!

Made with 100% essential oils, Reiki and blended when the moon phase is just right for the intention.

Tips: Spray in your doorway, around your cash register, and or in the wealth corner of your home and or business to bring in fast and long lasting abundance.

Spray on your bills, credit/debit cards and paper cash every so often. By doing this, you are blessing the outgoing flow and trusting that what goes out will return threefold.

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