Rose of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho

  • Brings in abundance and success
  • Also known as the resurrection plant
  • Provides a protective shield in its environment

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Rose of Jericho 

The Rose of Jericho is a unique plant with extraordinary abilities and uses. Also known as the “resurrection plant” for its quality of coming back to life. When it’s not near water, it curls into itself, but when water is near, it will open to a fern-like plant.

The Rose of Jericho brings Peace, Prosperity, and Abundance to a home or business. It also protects against illness and all types of negative energies and vibrations.

To use: Find a large enough bowl for the plant to fit in, as they will open quite wide sometimes. After meditating, and resonating with its energies, add water to your plant. Every week or so, change the water. Coins can be placed into the bowl, so your Jericho Rose grows in abundance and prosperity for your home or business. Crystals can also be placed on top to charge them. 

Purchase includes one Rose of Jericho.

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