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Rose Petal Seven Chakra Sage

Rose Petal Seven Chakra Sage

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Rose Petal Seven Chakra Sage

Our Rose Petal Seven Chakra Sage bundle contains White Sage and seven different types of Rose Petals, which can be used to cleanse and clear your chakras. It is also excellent at protecting and purifying the home, car, or sacred space. Utilizing this bundle can help you feel balanced and rooted when you feel off-balance or ungrounded, and promote a connection to sacred and uplifting energies.

Creates a connection to sacred and uplifting energies.

For cleansing, balancing and purifying of oneself, others, a room, a car, crystals or other practical items, sage provides a powerful smudging ritual. By lighting the bundled leaves and waving them in the smoke, one enters a relationship with the herbal aromatics and the unseen spirits. To smudge larger structures, one should begin at the front door, encircle the premises counterclockwise and end back at the door. After completion, the ritual is complete. 

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