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Agrimony 3x4 Bag

Agrimony 3x4 Bag

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Discover the emotional protection of Agrimony! This 3x4 bag captures the energetic properties of agrimony, helping you to balance emotions, create a powerful psychic shield, and even cleanse your aura. Try it and feel the difference! Does emotional security sound attractive to you? Get your Agrimony Bag today!


Agrimony is associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of Air. It assists with exploring one's true feelings and helps to balance emotions. Agrimony is used in protection spells to build a psychic shield and banish negative energies. It can also be used as a wash to cleanse the aura and for healing, especially for distant healings.

Place under your pillow to ensure deep and dreamless sleep.

Packaged in a 3x4 ziplock bag.

***Our herbs are for magical purposes only and not meant for ingestion***

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1" L x 3" W x 4" H

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