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Apatite Raw Crystal

Apatite Raw Crystal

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Apatite ~ Stone of Creativity

Apatite creates a spark that enhances creativity and intuition and boosts the immune system. By stimulating intellect and artistry, Apatite allows one to embark on their own journey of insight from the world around them. This stone encourages and will enable one to transform pain into art through many forms. Because of its relation to the Throat Chakra, one can use this stone as a stepping stone to further expand psychic gifts. 

  • Associated with the Third Eye Chakra
  • Cleanses the auric field
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances insight and psychic abilities
  • Strengthens cartilage and bones
  • Stimulates creativity and intellect

Affirmation: "I am motivated and open to inspiration."

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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1" L x 1" W x 1" H

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