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Archangel Michael Candle with Black Tourmaline Crystals

Archangel Michael Candle with Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Unlock the power of protection with our Archangel Michael Candle, featuring Black Tourmaline Crystals that guard against negative energy.

This uniquely formulated blend of restorative ingredients guards against negative energy, keeping your surroundings calm and balanced. Experience enhanced peace of mind with every use and let Archangel Michael's presence envelop you.

Handcrafted with care, this 12 oz candle makes a thoughtful gift for spiritual loved ones. Simply light the candle, set your intention, and allow the sage and crystals to raise your space's vibration. The soy-based wax, infused with Black Pepper & Lime Fragrance Oil and charged with Reiki Energy, creates a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Black Tourmaline Crystals, known for their grounding and protective properties, work in harmony with Archangel Michael's energy. Together, they create a powerful shield against negativity, allowing you to maintain a peaceful and balanced environment. With an approximate burn time of 75 hours, this candle provides long-lasting comfort and support.

Call upon Archangel Michael to clear any negativity and keep it from entering your space. As you light the candle, set your intention: "Archangel Michael, while this candle is lit, please clear out negativity in my midst. Please clear this space of thickness and stress. Thank you Michael, for keeping me blessed."

Embrace the transformative power of the Archangel Michael Candle with Black Tourmaline Crystals and experience the difference it can make in your life.

Purchase includes candle infused with Black Tourmaline crystals.

While the image shows a specific candle, it's important to note that the actual crystal shape and color of the product may vary from what is pictured, as each candle is made with natural crystals that have inherent variations.✨

Ingredients: Soy based wax, cotton wick, lime and black pepper fragrance oils, black tourmaline crystals, and infused with Reiki energy.

Black tourmaline, a striking and powerful gemstone, is known for its deep, inky color and its ability to protect and ground its wearer. This stunning crystal is believed to absorb negative energy, transforming it into positive vibrations that promote inner strength and emotional well-being. With its mesmerizing beauty and potent healing properties, black tourmaline has become a beloved choice for those seeking balance, clarity, and protection in their lives.

Here are 10 fascinating facts about black tourmaline:

  1. Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, is a variety of the mineral group tourmaline.
  2. It is composed of iron, aluminum, and boron silicate, which contribute to its unique properties.
  3. The stone's deep, rich color is attributed to its high iron content.
  4. Black tourmaline is known as a powerful grounding stone, helping to anchor one's energy and promote a sense of stability.
  5. It is believed to act as a psychic shield, protecting the wearer from negative energies and electromagnetic radiation.
  6. Moreover, black tourmaline is thought to absorb and transmute negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, into positive, calming vibrations.
  7. This transformative stone is often used in meditation and energy healing practices to promote emotional balance and inner peace.
  8. In addition to its emotional benefits, black tourmaline is said to boost the immune system and alleviate physical ailments such as arthritis and chronic pain.
  9. The stone's grounding properties are believed to enhance mental clarity, focus, and decision-making skills.
  10. With its striking beauty and powerful healing properties, black tourmaline makes a meaningful and transformative addition to any crystal collection or piece of jewelry.



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