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Avalon Mists Essential Oil 5ml.

Avalon Mists Essential Oil 5ml.

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Dedicated to the pilgrims and seekers who come to Avalon in search of spiritual wisdom and understanding. The mists of Avalon are the veil that shrouds the mysteries and guards the threshold between the worlds. May this Space Aroma help you transcend the mists so you can catch a glimpse of the magical Isle of Avalon.

Use this Space Aroma to tune into Avalon as a source of inspiration and wisdom.

Magical Infusions
Jupiter ~ Wisdom, prosperity, spirituality, faith, hope, personal growth, protection, healing, guidance.

Neptune ~ Subtle energies, visualisation, divination, dream work, unconditional/spiritual love, compassion, crystal work.

Pluto ~ Initiation, shamanic journeys, purification, transformation, spiritual rebirth, letting go of past pain.

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2" L x .75" W x 1" H

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