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Labradorite Beaded Bracelet 8mm

Labradorite Beaded Bracelet 8mm

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Experience the mystical power of Labradorite, a transformative crystal that illuminates your path to higher consciousness. This enigmatic stone aligns your spiritual and physical bodies, granting you access to esoteric knowledge and guiding you through meditative journeys to otherworldly realms.

Labradorite is not only a powerful protective talisman but also a catalyst for change. As you navigate life's transformations, this crystal imparts wisdom and strength, helping you embrace the unfolding journey with grace and resilience.

Beyond its spiritual benefits, Labradorite offers a wide array of healing properties. Physically, it supports brain and eye health, boosts metabolism, balances hormones, eases menstrual discomfort, and promotes healthy blood pressure. Emotionally, this crystal calms overactive minds, unlocking the door to boundless imagination while shielding you from fear and negative projections.

As you delve deeper into your spiritual practice, Labradorite acts as a conduit, grounding cosmic energies into your physical being and amplifying your psychic gifts. Embrace the magic of this transformative crystal and embark on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Each Labradorite crystal is unique, with its own captivating play of colors and energy. Bring home this enchanting stone and experience the profound transformation it can bring to your life.

Purchase includes one 7.5 in beaded bracelet

Bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches

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7.5" L x .25" W x 7.5" H

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