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Psychic Gifts Chakra Bundle 2

Psychic Gifts Chakra Bundle 2

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🌟 Embrace the Magic of Psychic Awakening 🌟

Step into the enchanting world of psychic exploration with our specially curated bundle, designed to elevate your intuitive abilities and spiritual connection. This exquisite collection combines the power of a Chakra Bliss Spray, a tumbled Selenite crystal, and a 4-inch Sage Wand, meticulously crafted to support your journey towards heightened psychic awareness. Each item in this bundle has been carefully selected to help you clear energy blockages, align your chakras, and create a sacred space for profound insights and spiritual growth. Awaken your inner mystic and unlock the secrets of the unseen realm with this transformative bundle. 🔮✨

- Chakra Bliss Spray (2 oz):
- A powerful blend of essential oils to balance and align the chakras, enhancing your psychic receptivity and intuition.
- Infused with clear quartz crystals to amplify the spray's energetic properties.
- Promotes a sense of harmony, opening the pathway for deeper spiritual connections and insights.
- Ideal for chakra clearing, meditation, and energy healing practices to support your psychic development.

- Tumbled Selenite Crystal:
- Known as the "Liquid Light," selenite is a high-vibration crystal that facilitates communication with higher realms.
- Helps to purify and clear energy blockages, promoting clarity and mental focus during psychic work.
- Place the selenite on your third eye or crown chakra during meditation to enhance your connection to the spiritual realm.
- Use it to cleanse and recharge your other crystals, amplifying their metaphysical properties.

- 4-Inch Sage Wand:
- Sage wands are traditionally used for smudging, a practice that purifies your space and energy.
- Cleanses the environment of negative energies, allowing for clearer intuition and psychic perception.
- Creates a sacred and protected space for meditation and spiritual exploration.
- Use the sage wand to clear yourself and your surroundings before any psychic practices.

Why This Bundle is Helpful on Your Psychic Journey:
- The Chakra Bliss Spray helps you maintain balanced and aligned chakras, fostering a receptive state for intuitive insights.
- Selenite's high-vibration energy assists in enhancing psychic abilities and spiritual communication.
- The sage wand ensures a cleansed and energetically purified space for focused psychic work and meditation.
- Combined, these tools create a supportive environment to nurture and advance your psychic development.

Embrace the magic of this bundle as you embark on your psychic journey, and open the door to a world of expanded consciousness and spiritual growth. 🌟🔮

Mesh bag included.

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