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Cinnamon Sage

Cinnamon Sage

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Associated with the sun and the element of Fire, Cinnamon is commonly used in incense. It smells pleasant and fills the room with a warm, comfy feeling, especially on cold winter days. It can be burned to sanctify an area or object, to increase the spiritual "mood," or to aid in healing spells. It can also be used in love and money spells and to make charms to draw love, happiness, and money.

For cleansing, balancing and purifying of oneself, others, a room, a car, crystals or other practical items, sage provides a powerful smudging ritual. By lighting the bundled leaves and waving them in the smoke, one enters a relationship with the herbal aromatics and the unseen spirits. To smudge larger structures, one should begin at the front door, encircle the premises counterclockwise and end back at the door. After completion, the ritual is complete. 

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4.5" L x 1" W x 1.5" H

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