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Aunt Jacki's Hoodoo Fiery Wall of Protection Candle

Aunt Jacki's Hoodoo Fiery Wall of Protection Candle

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Fortify Your Energetic Defenses with the Fiery Wall of Protection Candle

Imagine wrapping yourself in a superhero's cape, but made of pure, transformative energy – that's the power of the Fiery Wall of Protection candle. This captivating candle is your personal energetic bodyguard, standing vigilant to fend off any forces that dare to disrupt your vibe.

Crafted with the intention of creating a powerful shield of protection, this candle is a must-have for those seeking to fortify their spiritual and energetic defenses. As you ignite its flame, you'll be enveloped in a bold, invigorating blend of scents that evoke the elemental power of fire – cleansing, purifying, and fiercely guarding your sacred space. 

Whether you're navigating a period of heightened stress, fending off negative influences, or simply craving a deeper sense of security and grounding, this candle will be your steadfast ally, lending its fiery energy to empower and defend you.

As the flickering flame dances, it radiates a potent, protective energy that forms an invisible shield around you. The candle and carefully chosen herbs and oils  work together to clear away any energetic debris, transmute low vibrations, and fortify the boundaries of your aura.

Ignite the Fiery Wall of Protection candle and let its warm, unwavering glow be your personal superhero's cape, wrapping you in a cocoon of safety and strength. Embrace the power of this transformative tool as it helps you stand tall, secure in the knowledge that your fiery wall of protection has your back, no matter what challenges arise.

Suggested Uses:

- Energetic Shielding

- Psychic Protection

- Warding Off Negativity

- Household Cleansing

- Empowerment Rituals


I call to my guardians,

My warriors all

To build my protection,

To build my wall

Three rings of armor,

three rings of fire

My spirit is safe,

My foe’s warning is dire

Forget the anger,

walk away in peace

Let this potential for war

now finally cease


Dimensions:  A robust 2"x 4" Pillar 

Burning Duration: Up to 40 Hours of burn time

Color: The vibrant oranges and reds of fire

Aroma: A robust blend of earthy tones and peppermint

The Spirit Behind the Candle:

Aunt Jacki, a Hoodoo sage, bridges ancient wisdom and modern magic. With over two decades as an Aborisha, she crafts these candles as a homage to the mentors of her path, offering a piece of this sacred practice to seekers everywhere.

Safety First:

- Before lighting, release the candle from its mortal confines. (the packaging) 

- Keep the flame of prosperity under watchful eyes, ensuring it illuminates safely.

- Place this candle in a revered spot, shielded from disturbances and the elements.

- While it glows, it is to be respectfully observed from a distance, safeguarding all who bask in its presence. (including flammable objects, children and pets)

- To ensure maximum burn time place candle in fire safe container

Crafted with Intention:

This candle is a conduit of your will, meticulously infused with herbs and oils selected for their magical affinity, ready to serve your intention. Handcrafted with intention in Ferndale, MI, each candle is a testament to the art of Hoodoo magic, bringing ancient wisdom to your modern ritual space.


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2" L x 2" W x 4" H

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