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Namaste Witches Candle: Find Your Inner Peace, the Witchy Way! Limited Edition

Namaste Witches Candle: Find Your Inner Peace, the Witchy Way! Limited Edition

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Harmonizing Magic Candle: Achieve Serenity Through the Arcane

Limited Edition! Secure Yours and Let the Soothing Alchemy Commence!

Size: 4.6 oz

Burn Time: Up to 48 Balancing Hours

Wax: Soy-Based Wax — Our Unique, Enchanting Formula

Wick: 100% Cotton

Fragrance Notes: A medley of Black Violet, Smoke, Saffron, Bergamot, Geranium, Rose, Violet, Raspberry, Leather, and Vetiver

A Spell of Harmony for Your Space

Welcome, seekers of equilibrium and believers in the magical! Our Harmonizing Magic Candle is not just a fragrance; it's an enchanted mantra. With this aromatic companion beside you, prepare to bid farewell to chaos and usher in tranquility! 🌟🔮

A Medley of Scents and Sensations

Light the wick to be instantly enveloped in the nuanced and comforting embrace of black violet, mingled seamlessly with mysterious smoke and exotic saffron. Let your senses then meander through a garden of bergamot, geranium, and rose, culminating in a unique finale of raspberry, leather, and vetiver. This olfactory experience is a delight fit for the modern sorcerer.

The Ideal Enchanting Gift, For You or Your Friends

Looking to delight that friend who's into the arcane or maybe indulge yourself in a moment of pure, mystical serenity? Our Harmonizing Magic Candle appeals to both the mystical and the tranquil. But don't forget, this soothing alchemy is a limited edition—grab it while it lasts!

Set the Ambience for All Your Rituals

Who says your daily routines and evening rituals can't blend seamlessly? From peaceful mornings to hallowed nights, this candle establishes the perfect ambience for any soul-nourishing activity you have in mind.

Light up your Harmonizing Magic Candle, and let its flickering flames guide your quest for inner peace through arcane means. Whatever your practice—spellcasting, mindfulness, or simple being—this candle lights the way. 🌙✨🕯️

Candle Care


• Trim wick to 1⁄4" before lighting.
• Leave the candle lit at least 3-4 hours for the first time to avoid ‘tunneling’.

• Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

• Only burn the candle on a level, fire-resistant surface.

• Keep the candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.

• Use a snuffer to put out the flame. Stop use when only 1⁄4" of wax remains.


• Always burn candle within sight.
• Never burn candle near flammable items. Keep candle away from children and pets.

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3.25" L x 3" W x 2.75" H

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