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Cord Cutting Candle with Kyanite Crystals

Cord Cutting Candle with Kyanite Crystals

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Are you ready to cut those unhealthy emotional cords instantly with our powerful and effective Cord Cutting Candle with Kyanite Crystals! As you light the wick and watch the flame dance, you'll feel the toxic ties that have been holding you back start to dissolve. Say goodbye to the energy drains and hello to the freedom you deserve.

Let's face it, we've all got relationships or situations that just aren't good for us. They're like energy vampires, sucking the life out of us. But here's the thing: you don't have to put up with that anymore. By regularly using our Cord Cutting Candle with Kyanite Crystals, you'll find yourself feeling balanced, clear, and totally unaffected by anyone else's negativity.

And the best part? You can still love those people, but without any of the codependent baggage that's been weighing you down. So go ahead, light your Cord Cutting Candle with Kyanite Crystals, and watch as the toxic ties melt away.

Intention: "I now free myself from any emotional cords that are not for my highest and best good. It feels good to create healthy boundaries."

Ingredients: Soy based wax, cotton wick, spearmint fragrance oils, and kyanite crystals

Approximately 75 hour burn time

It is recommended to burn your candle for at least 4 hours for the initial burn to receive the benefits of your intentions.

✨While the image shows a specific candle, it's important to note that the actual crystal shape and color of the product may vary from what is pictured, as each candle is made with natural crystals that have inherent variations.✨

Tip: Use this candle when you are experiencing an energy drain from toxic relationships and situations. The bonds and or cords of unconditional love are never cut. Only the unhealthy emotional cords are cut and released with love.

Kyanite: Your Spiritual Ally for Alignment and Intuition

Kyanite is a remarkable crystal that empowers you to align your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual energies. Its calming blue hues invite tranquility and balance, helping you to navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity. Furthermore, Kyanite is an exceptional tool for enhancing your intuitive abilities, facilitating communication with your higher self, and promoting spiritual growth.

Kyanite is your go-to crystal for:

  1. Aligning and balancing all your chakras
  2. Calming your mind and reducing stress and anxiety
  3. Enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities
  4. Facilitating meditation and connecting with your higher self
  5. Encouraging self-expression and speaking your truth
  6. Promoting mental clarity and improving decision-making
  7. Amplifying your ability to channel and receive guidance
  8. Fostering spiritual growth and development
  9. Supporting lucid dreaming and astral travel
  10. Helping you to overcome blockages and limiting beliefs

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