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Crystal Cleanse Packet

Crystal Cleanse Packet

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The Crystal Cleanse Packet cleanses your crystals simply by placing your crystal in this herbal mixture whenever they need to be cleansed after usage.

Each Crystal Cleanse Packet comes in a 4x3 bag and never needs to be replaced because sea salt cleanses itself.

When crystals have been used it is important to cleanse them. Over time, the will sometimes max out energetically and may break, crack and you may even lose them.

Some crystals are able to be cleansed by running under water or adding water to a sea salt mixture. There are also some crystals that are "softer" and will dissolve in water. The Crystal Cleanse Packet is the perfect solution for this because you do not need to add water. The crystals are cleansed simply by placing them in a dish with the herbal mixture.

Tips: Pour into a dish, and place your crystals and stones that you wish to cleanse on top.

Packaged in a 3x4 ziplock bag. Purchase includes packet only.

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