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Empath Crystal Kit

Empath Crystal Kit

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Empath Crystal Kit

Hematite: Very effective with grounding and protecting the individual. It soothes the emotions which keeps the user focused and in control.
Fluorite: Stabilizes and protects the aura. It is extremely useful
in deflecting electromagnetic smog and stress. Fluorite helps to create and keep healthy boundaries within relationships and overcoming drama.
Black Tourmaline: Repels and protects against negative influences and psychic attacks. Increases stamina and deflects negativity while one is engaged in highly emotionally-charged situations.
Citrine: A powerful regenerator, empowering crystal that protects the aura. It also acts as a shield for the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the area that most empaths absorb the energy from their environment.

(Crystals may vary based on availability.)

• Carry in your pocket or in a bag with you
• Wear as jewelry
• Keep in a room where there is a lot of energy and traffic
• On a picture of yourself, it will keep the energy flowing to you as long as is needed for distance healing and energy protection

Be sure to cleanse your crystal once a week with sage, sea salt or whatever method you use to clear your crystals. They will be more effective when they are cleared and charged.

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