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Full Moon Spray

Full Moon Spray

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Full Moon Spray: Your Celestial Companion for Lunar Release and Renewal

In the tapestry of life, some threads are woven with the energy of the moon—mysterious yet comforting, ever-changing yet constant. Whether you're a seasoned moon-gazer or newly curious about lunar rituals, our Full Moon Spray is like a bottled moonbeam designed just for you. It's not just about the moon's illumination; it's about illuminating your own journey.

Capture the Moon’s Blessed Energies
Each spritz of this enchanting spray is a tribute to the moon's magnificent power. As you mist your space, picture the moon's silvery rays enveloping you, assisting in the release of what no longer serves your purpose. Enveloped in the aromas of rosemary and mint, you'll find the clarity and courage to say, "I release with love, grace, and light. And so it is."

Sacred Ingredients, Intentional Timing
Inside every bottle, we've blended Rosemary and Mint essential oils with distilled water and Reiki energy. More than just a pleasing fragrance, each ingredient serves a deeper role—Rosemary for clarity, Mint for freshness, and Reiki for spiritual alignment. Crafted precisely when the moon phase aligns, this spray is an offering of cosmic synchronization.

How to Harness the Moon's Energies
- Prepare for your Full Moon ritual by misting this spray in the four corners of your sacred space.
- Write down your thoughts, your hopes, and especially what you're ready to let go of on a piece of parchment. Release it under the moon's gentle gaze.

What’s Inside Your Lunar Elixir
- Rosemary Essential Oil: For clarity and focus during your moon rituals.
- Mint Essential Oil: To invigorate your spirit and refresh your mind.
- Distilled Water: A pure base to carry these energies.
- Reiki Energy: For a spiritual upliftment that resonates with your inner self.
- Aligned Moon Phase: Crafted under the most potent lunar phase to capture the moon’s mystical energy.

We invite you to make the Full Moon Spray a part of your monthly lunar practice. Consider it a dear friend who accompanies you while you reflect, release, and renew under the moon’s nurturing glow. We crafted this spray with you in mind, as a touchstone for your spiritual journey. In every spray, know that you’re supported, you're understood, and you're cherished.

For eternal use only

Because of supply chain issues, the color of the cap for the mister product may range between black and white. 🎨⭐️ 



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