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Ganesh Candle with Carnelian Crystals Travel Tin 6oz

Ganesh Candle with Carnelian Crystals Travel Tin 6oz

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Ganesh Obstacle Remover Candle with Carnelian Crystals

This handmade Ganesh candle helps clear your path and remove obstacles. Infused with carnelian crystals known for their road opener and obstacle clearing properties.

This candle has been charged with the intention:
"Oh great Ganesh, I ask of you to remove all obstacles and make my path smooth. A path to happiness and prosperity galore, stress-free happiness forevermore."

Burn for at least 4 hours to fully activate the power of your intention. Use this Ganesh spell candle to open roads, reverse spells, and promote smooth transitions. An excellent addition to any spellwork invoking Ganesh.

Ingredients: Soy based wax, cotton wick, sage, cinnamon and orange essential oils, and infused with Reiki energy.

Candle burns between 22 and 28 hours

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" L x 2" W x 3" H

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