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Intuition Spray

Intuition Spray

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Open Your Third Eye and Expand Psychic Senses with Intuition Blend Spray

Take your spiritual journey deeper with our handmade Intuition Blend spray, crafted to amplify psychic abilities and activate your third eye chakra. This metaphysical mist enhances meditation, unlocks intuitive guidance, and expands consciousness.
An aromatherapy oracle reading spray to unlock your inner wisdom. Frankincense, patchouli, and rosemary essential oils open the third eye energy center, enhancing psychic development and spiritual connection.

Mist around your space before meditation, oracle work, or psychic readings to awaken intuition and alignment with spirit. The perfect supplement to any third eye activation or psychic development practice.

Each bottle contains moonstone chips to stimulate psychic visions and reiki energy to attune with higher guidance. Carefully crafted under auspicious moon phases for maximal metaphysical potency.

A few spritzes can awaken your innate intuitive gifts and act as a portal to clearer spiritual sight. Let the magickal aroma open your mind’s eye to the hidden mysteries and unlock untapped spiritual dimensions.

Experience deeper meditations, lucid dreaming, stronger premonitions and access to your higher wisdom. Expand consciousness and embrace your psychic potential.

Ingredients: Distilled water, frankincense, patchouli and rosemary essential oils, rainbow moonstone ships, and infused with Reiki.

External use only.

Because of supply chain issues, the color of the cap for the mister product may range between black and white. 🎨⭐️

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