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Leopard Jasper Tumbled Crystal

Leopard Jasper Tumbled Crystal

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Leopard Jasper ~ Stone of Shamanic Journeys

Leopard Jasper spiritually and physically heals through all shamanic journeys and spiritual experiences. By enhancing vitality and stability, Leopard Jasper attracts harmony and good luck. This stone remains a stepping stone to further push deeper into spiritual enlightenment and become a main priority within one’s life. 

  • Associated with all Chakras
  • Spiritually and physically heals
  • Enhances vitality and stability
  • Attracts harmony and good luck
  • Helps with shamanic journeys and spiritual experiences

Affirmation: "I allow stability to be a main priority in my life."

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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.5" L x .5" W x .5" H

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