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Mistletoe 3x4 Bag

Mistletoe 3x4 Bag

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Associated with Brigit, Dagda, Macha, Flidais, Mananan Mac Lir, Mac Og, and Aengus. Mistletoe is aligned with Jupiter and the Sun. It also resonates with the element of air. Mistletoe is a good luck herb. Those who kiss beneath it will have long-lasting happiness. When you carry it with you, it brings along good luck, protection, and fertility. If you hang it somewhere inside your home, it is believed to protect all those in the house from disease and ensure high self-esteem. Mistletoe also increases fortune and prevents theft.

Packaged in a 3x4 ziplock bag.

***Our herbs are for magical purposes only and not meant for ingestion***

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1" L x 3" W x 4" H

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