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Rebel Deck Cards by Shannon Gomez

Rebel Deck Cards by Shannon Gomez

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The Rebel Deck Cards are unique, fun, sassy and to the point! Not only are they pretty humorous, they most certainly can be used as a divination tool.
The Original REBEL DECK got a GLOW UP! This 2nd Edition has 2 new cards and now comes in a matte tuck box!
This rebellious deck is quick, dirty and direct.
They have the messages you may not want to hear, but need to hear.
  • 60 total cards
  • 58 message cards, 1 cover card and 1 instruction card
  • For the "Here and Now"
  • Coated
  • Each cards measures approx. 3"x5"
  • Shrinkwrapped Matte Tuck Box
  • Makes a unique gift
  • Unicorns still NOT INCLUDED

Love and Light ! Just kidding- F*ck that noise! Here in REBEL DECK land, we embrace all that is real, raw, and messy. Being on a spiritual path, or just living life, isn't always love, light and unicorns. If you need a place where you can cuss, laugh at yourself and be rebellious, you are in the right place.

Hi, I am Shannon!

I created these nontraditional oracle cards after a super shitty time in my life. I didn't need some sunshine and rainbow filled "You are on your path" message.

I needed a kick-in-the- bootay prompt to get me out of my funk. I wanted some guidance that felt down-to-earth, like my bestie was talking to me, telling me to quit f*cking whining.

Not finding cards that had this vibe, I decided to create some. The funny and in-your-face REBEL DECK was born.

I launched REBEL DECK in February 2017, and I have been learning, hustling and having a blast ever since.

Need some sass for your ass? Get some REBEL DECK cards. They will drop the truth bombs you never knew you always needed.

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