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Sandal Hem Incense Cones

Sandal Hem Incense Cones

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These richly scented incense cones are handcrafted using a blend of natural ingredients and fragrant traditional oils to enliven your surroundings.
  • Based on sandalwood fragrance, this incense stick gives a fragrance believed to be capable of enabling people to stay calm and focused
  • Sandalwood is the second most expensive and among the top rare woods in the world. Pure Sandalwood retains its fragrance for years and sometimes decades. Historically, India has been using this rare wood for its religious, medicinal, ailment reducing purposes for over 5000 years. Even the renowned poet Tagore wrote of Sandalwood “as if to prove that love would conquer hate, the sandalwood perfumes the very axe that lays it low”
  • Based on secret traditional fragrance formulas, it is a delicate, woody and not overwhelming fragrance with basal notes. The incense sticks can be used just before sleep to feel relaxed, before, during and after rituals, traditions and ceremonies and during activities that require one to focus and concentrate

HEM is world famous for its traditional incense made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love. Their most widely known Precious line of incense comes in a variety of floral, exotic wood and traditional resin fragrances.

Pack contains 10 Incense Cones and metal holder
Each Cone will burn between 15 - 20 minutes depending upon conditions

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