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Selenite Bowl ~ Charging/Cleansing Bowl

Selenite Bowl ~ Charging/Cleansing Bowl

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Selenite ~ Stone of Light

  • Associated with the Crown Chakra
  • Provides self-cleansing properties and cleanses other stones
  • Excellent tool for energy healers 
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Provides sharper cognitive function abilities 

Affirmation: “I radiate with purified energy for others.”

Our Selenite Bowls offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, crafted from high-quality natural crystal. Selenite, known for its clarity and purity, is believed to possess metaphysical properties that promote mental clarity and emotional balance. These bowls serve as elegant vessels for holding gemstones, crystals, or other items, enhancing their energy and purifying their surroundings. Additionally, Selenite's cleansing properties make it an ideal choice for practitioners of crystal healing or meditation, as it is thought to cleanse and recharge other crystals placed within it. Whether used for decorative purposes or as part of spiritual practices, our Selenite Bowls provide both visual sophistication and functional benefits, enriching any environment with its serene presence.

Approximately: 12.2 ounces ~ 4L x 4W x 1.5D

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4" L x 4" W x 1.5" H

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