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Tiger's Eye Tumbled

Tiger's Eye Tumbled

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Tigers Eye ~ Stone of Grounding

Tigers Eye ~ Stone of Grounding Tiger's Eye is a captivating gemstone that exudes the energy of a fierce tiger with its golden-brown hues and beautiful band patterns. It offers a harmonious blend of spiritual insight, emotional balance, and physical vitality. This stone empowers you to embrace your inner strength, confidently navigate challenges, and cultivate a deep sense of grounding and protection.

Spiritual Benefits:

Acts as a potent shield against negative energies and psychic attacks, creating a protective aura that surrounds and safeguards you. Enhances spiritual grounding, allowing you to maintain a strong connection to Earth's energies while exploring higher realms of consciousness. Purifies and balances your energetic field, fostering a harmonious flow of energy throughout your entire being.

Physical Benefits:

Provides effective protection against electromagnetic fields (EMFs), shielding you from the potential harmful effects emitted by electronic devices. Supports the immune system, contributing to overall physical vitality and well-being. Helps alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, promoting a serene and relaxed state of being.

Emotional Benefits:

Encourages emotional stability and resilience, empowering you to navigate challenging situations with a grounded and composed mindset. Assists in releasing fear, worry, and negativity, allowing you to cultivate a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. Nurtures self-confidence and empowerment, enabling you to stand firmly in your personal power and establish healthy boundaries.

Affirmation: “I am safely rooted within Mother Nature.”

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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